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Solid Wood Furniture Needs Maintenance Anti-crack

Solid wood furniture is more and more welcomed by the people, with many owners in the decoration, choose solid wood furniture. But after they buy it is not maintained, resulting in the cracking phenomenon has appeared. Solid wood furniture maintenance is important, it can effectively prevent cracking, the following will introduce measures to prevent the cracks of solid wood furniture.

Lower floors more suitable for solid wood furniture

Height, wind, moisture in the wood is easy to blow dry and tends to crack. Three levels be ease of use, we recommend more than three indoor ventilation, moisture content of furniture remained stable. Best buy back used walnut oil + wax, rub it again all the furniture inside and outside.

Rainy season dehumidification dry-wet

Adjust the humidity within the best interval, is an important means of preventing cracks of furniture. One years seasons climate temperature different, maintenance of focus and measures also different, consumers to according to climate changes used different of maintenance method, as spring air in the water more to note moisture, if not note will led to wood business furniture mildew; summer Shi to prevent sun exposure, as will furniture put in cool dry at; in rainy season Shi, can open air conditioning of dehumidification function; winter air dry, application humidifier appropriate increased air humidity.

Normal scrubbing there

Scrub using a soft cotton cloth, cotton micro-wave but not wet, to squeeze out for the degree. Do not use alcohol or other chemical solvents or cleaners scrubbed to prevent corrosion furniture paint, causing the paint cracking. Can purchase furniture care essential oils in the supermarket, evenly on the surface of furniture, so you can lock the moisture in the wood to prevent deformation of furniture, while moist wood.