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Quality Solid Wood Furniture Smart Identification

Sep 24, 2016

Now the consumers to buy furniture is not only to use, more consumers want to enjoy a high quality furniture products life. Solid wood furniture has been a consumer favorite, along with the development of the economy, consumer awareness of environmental, lifestyle is gradually improving and growing share in high quality solid wood furniture at the furniture market. But with the increase in the number of wooden furniture, cheap furniture mixed with the number of markets is also increasing. Purchase improperly, will give consumers great distress. How to buy high quality solid wood furniture? following unified international home will provide a detailed analysis of the consumer, so that consumers really enjoy the high quality of life.

Single surface is difficult to analyse the quality and poor quality of solid wood furniture. High quality solid wood furniture values are reflected in the "skills". With the selection of raw materials, for example, high quality solid wood furniture more particular about wood and wood. Not all wood and wood can be used for production. Only high hardness, stable wood can produce high quality solid wood furniture. Besides quality, are consumers. If solid wood furniture prices far higher than consumer power is not high quality. Therefore consumers primarily based on price/performance to determine whether solid wood furniture quality. Hard wood such as mahogany furniture and high quality, but the price is very expensive and not suitable for groups. Cedar wood hardness second only to wood, material density, and thus waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, pest control, natural medicine. More importantly prices far lower than high-end products such as mahogany, high cost performance, more suitable for mass consumption, and to enhance the quality of life of consumers. Typical is the cedar wood furniture in the stars "Bai Ting Hill". The brand's products are made from Cedar 100%, without any auxiliary materials, not to mention the plate workmanship inside. Consumers must find out is all solid wood. Even if the mark is solid wood, lots of solid wood furniture is mixed with other materials. For example, a cedar furniture brand, price, add pine, Cedar furniture, and reduces costs. High quality solid wood furniture is also reflected in the process, the material from drying, dry, keeping in good health late in the production process need to be strictly controlled.

Solid wood furniture in the "culture of quality" is also important. Solid wood furniture is not only material, but also a culture, should have advanced the idea. Combination of Chinese and Western cultures, for the customer to build three dimensional furniture environment at the same time, play furniture, fresh and pleasant, elegant and fashionable advantages in order for customers to build multidimensional environmental health, rich and elegant, refreshing cube furniture space.