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Inside The European Furniture Market Behind The Flashy Tricks

Sep 24, 2016

Continental has a lot of processing in the furniture industry jargon, understand the jargon, and consumers go to buy there is magic. First industry glass and cement legs. Nanning wood style furniture on the market, dominated by oak and other wood with red cherry wood, peach-core wood, teak, mahogany, and selected European furniture components to choose which high hardness of the wood (Cork easily damaged), but because of this, it was to replace hardwood material with cement and glass. Proper pouring cement to increase the whole furniture of the "weight". Known as fiberglass, resin which is in fact often said.

Members of the carry on years of continental furniture in Nanning Zhou know about European furniture industry. He said, resin material with high hardness, texture heavy, glass said, for European-style furniture in the "legs", carved, is likely to be consumers consider quality wood, its processing, fastener structures, relying on the screws. This kind of resin with high hardness brittle crack, this behavior occurs in the process of moving, so it is small manufacturers used in European furniture that does not move. Encounter more complex carved or cut when it is not on the same level, the consumer should be careful. This is because complex carved wood making time-consuming, costly, small manufacturers cannot afford, and resin mold to cast this method is convenient and simple – made out of carved, leaves and petals in the same horizontal plane, whose carved wooden leaves and petals have ups and downs.

Mold and cover again. According to European furniture in Nanning the Mister introduction, mold, mold and style, in the European furniture industry, in addition to resin mold, using wood pulp. When using the pulp mold, like making MDF, laminated molding, decorative wooden veneering. Wooden leather cover can be interpreted as, but mainly a cover substrate for paints.

European furniture popular red color, such as black, white, silver, gold, and red color can be seen wood texture, do not fake, but black, white, silver, Golden base material all covered materials to brand good, but small manufacturers or such processing tricks often permeate.