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European Villa Decoration

Sep 24, 2016

1, entrance no porch, side Cabinet, bookcase decorated with Roman columns of the row. This not only enriches the door decoration, and is in line with the master library-loving habit. Custom bookcases size was just right, and oblique shop vintage floor tiles match, very simple and elegant.

2, in the design of the living room, abandoned the complexity of European-style ceiling, but simplified it made with antique cast iron chandelier embellishment, coincides with the iron railing of the mezzanine in response. In the background texture effect is used on the walls of antique and sandstone columns for decoration, and floor tiles, smooth lines of the furniture color uniform, overall is strong, and stable in the atmosphere.

3,. restaurants clever collocation, indulge in a good effect. Split level on the first floor is the dining room, its ceiling is more concise. Restaurant furniture, chandeliers and other soft surfaces, from the tone, style and hard wear matching uniform, against each other.

4, excellent selection in the kitchen, with a harmonious kitchen is spacious, fashion jade, fine table and antique carved wooden cabinets, as well as with the color retro brick, European-style retro flavor and texture. From top to bottom, from light to dark colors, making the space more layered.

5, fairy tale-like girls bedroom color and elegant, filmy, more suitable for young girls love. From European-style wallpaper, furniture, curtains to lamps are all revealed as a fairy princess-like mood.

Continue 6, bathroom European style, bold and fashionable materials and paving.

7, master bedroom and hard to coordinate, color transitions, simple lifter without excessive ornamentation, and more thoughts on matching up of walls, curtains and furniture, jacquard curtain with Brown furniture in shades of honey yellow uniform, in style is integrated into the European-style retro elements. Bed background wallpaper very well, has a connecting link between the Reed and the crowning of the room. With a storage room is connected to the master bedroom, the shape of the arch add an exotic flavor to the whole.

8, drawing room exquisite elegance, enhance the quality of space is located on the second floor of a small living room, simple hard Assembly classical European furniture, delicate yet atmospheric.