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European Style Villas To Buy Furniture Tips

Sep 24, 2016

1, furniture: with hard decorated with European-style details should be equal, dark, should be selected with a Western vintage pictures and very westernized form furniture, reconcile with big air and tone.

2, wallpaper: selected comparative characteristics of wallpaper in a room, such as painting with Biblical stories and characters of the wallpaper that is typical of European personalities. North American character, stripe and floral print is also a lot to see.

3, lamp: shiny steel light fixture is defeated, and European style is fire and intolerable, rich fine crystal lamps best not. Is some lines, soft light and soft light, like iron lamp is a good pick, a little appearance really.

4, decorative painting: European-style decorated rooms line red tape should be used, contrasting thick frames, can match. And do not crowd out carved in gold, looks even more grand gestures, on the contrary, this is precisely the personality.

5, color: European personality most of the background use white, tint, furniture is white or dark, but in series, character on the line. Together some cloth fabric and texture is important, linen and canvas fabric is not timely, the fabric will contrast noble.

6, floor: if it is a duplex House, laying the flooring selection of stone of the Hall on the first floor, so is the atmosphere. If the bedroom, best is still laying a wooden floor in living room and dining room, some with floor, some with floor tiles, the room looks small.

7, carpet: Continental character decoration in the main character should be chaired by the carpet on the floor. Carpet foot feeling comfortable and elegant common texture and deployment of Western-style furniture complement each other. When choosing the best pictures and colour are relatively rich, and too fancy ground may conflict with the quiet harmony of the classical European.