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European Furniture Matching: Taboo!

Sep 24, 2016

Now more and more people in pursuit of a better life style and opted for European-style d├ęcor, then as now and small make up look taboo should be avoided in the European decoration matching it!

More popular in our country-style furniture with bold majestic Baroque and slender graceful Rococo style, match needs two points in space.

Avoid colour too much. Customers choose the furniture, then home style, it will pay attention when the collocation space, the best use of color as the primary color of the same color and furniture, based on adding soft contrasting colors or neutral accessories to create the elegant and harmonious atmosphere.

B avoid improper accessories. Wants to make European-style furniture complete exude charisma, against without accessories, wallpaper, lamps, paintings, flooring, home textile products used must be just right.

Wallpaper you can choose to have complicated patterns, artistic fringe, floral pattern, or have a story and characters; lamps require lines round, soft, handsome rustic iron lamps are preferred; paintings requested colours, picture frames also appear to match.

Curtains and bedding to elegant texture, may wish to use high Su, decorated with lace; be sure to lay the carpet on the ground, and select a pattern and color is relatively mild, not too fancy.

Continental furniture style can be said to be a furniture style is in fashion now. Is important to understand European-style furniture with taboo, before you buy must be careful.