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Detailed Explanation Of Classical European Style Furniture Features

Sep 24, 2016

Believe that the thought of "European style", your brain must have appeared in a number of luxury video? Yes, European-style home will not only bring a beautiful feeling, also can make your home perfect. Do you want to know how European-style furniture? let the small details the characteristics of classical European style furniture.

European furniture is characterized by exquisite handmade fine cutting engraving, contouring and turning parts formed by symmetrical and rhythmic curves or surfaces and decorative gilded copper ornaments, simple structure, smooth lines, colorful, strong sense of art, gives the overall feeling is luxurious and elegant, very dignified.

European furniture brands generally refers to classical European furniture or neo-classical European furniture. Classical European furniture used to European aristocrats were dedicated, high-end style, noble and elegant, into the great European classical culture, has become a classic.

Continental furniture style expresses a mature thought, based on its unique grandeur and nobility and beloved by people, it is a real life style, its style is beautifully simple, elegant, unpretentious.

European style furniture is an important part of European style, European-style atmosphere mainly depends on rendering of drapery and drapery is a member of the most important in furniture, furniture plays a major role in European-style show position.