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Color Rich Technology Of Fine European Furniture Fashion

Sep 24, 2016

Information from the market showed that European furniture presented ten design trends: environmental protection, fashion, transboundary, traditional Chinese culture elements, young, modern, European history and culture a fragment of design inspiration, design, personalized, custom and semi-custom.

Cutting engraving is of exquisite handmade fine Continental charm of the furniture. 

European furniture profiles and transition sections generally symmetrical and rhythmic curves or surfaces and decorative gilded copper ornaments, leather, concise structure, fluid lines, colorful and artistic sense, gives the overall feeling is luxurious and elegant, very dignified. European furniture full of rational peace, highlighting the romantic, in line with the requirements of all age groups.

Selection of European furniture teak, beech, oak, walnut, mahogany, and exquisite yet unique style can be described as satisfactory. It can be said that both connotation and modern elements of Western-style furniture, stylish and elegant, in line with the aesthetic appeal of most Chinese. As the people's pursuit of quality of life, with high quality material mix of European furniture and rich color combinations, become more and more popular in the market.