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The advantages of solid wood furniture

One, painted wood plate, the rough surface doesn't spell slots and slats, and physical performance in the long run is more stable;

Second, wood utilization, higher, in line with the principle of ecological use of raw materials. Regarding the use of color and texture, wood panel trim plates are more suitable for furniture and decorative function;

Three, and although wood spell Board plate Shi rubber volume is greater than wood wide spell Board, but for has double covered surface thick single Board of protection, and edges thick single board seal side actually only on both sides edges 8 article rubber sewing, so wood spell Board in the adhesive through rubber sewing volatile of chemical material far below wood wide spell Board and wood set timber of volatile volume, more environmental, and more health.

Four, since the core plate using small wood is anisotropic spell, plate surface irregularities and warping degree small, covered on both sides and two thick sliced wood veneers can be used to eliminate uneven surface warping, cracking and deformation phenomena, and can improve the physical strength in all directions;

Five thick veneer, sliced veneer was selected top of big diameter logs, and according to the texture, color, a rigorous selection process, using high precision equipment and scientific method of slicing and manufactured. Such a process, in terms of texture, color, traditional sense is very good, more prominent after the paint texture, production of furniture can create a coherent, high sense of value.