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Solid wood furniture can be divided into pure solid wood furniture with solid wood furniture

Pure solid wood furniture:

All the materials used are wood furniture, including the desktop, wardrobe doors, side panels, etc

Continental pastoral style solid wood furniture

Continental pastoral style solid wood furniture

Both are made of solid wood, without using any other Panel. Pure solid wood furniture to technology and material requirements are high. Solid wood material, drying, finger, put together to sew and other requirements are very strict, and if a process is not strict, phenomena such as small cracked, loose joints, deformation of furniture packages, and cannot be used.

Solid wood furniture:

Imitation wood furniture, the so-called imitation wood furniture, from the appearance point of view is of solid wood furniture, natural texture, feel and color of wood and solid wood furniture is the same, but it is solid wood and artificial Board mixing furniture, namely, side panels, bottom, shelves and other parts with a thin veneer of Particleboard or medium density fiberboard. Doors and drawers is made of solid wood. This process saves wood, also reduce costs. A fake solid wood bedroom furniture prices should be around thousands of Yuan, and solid wood furniture at least 10,000 Yuan or more and like really high price on the market many consumers through price discrimination, be sure to grasp the wood identification method only.

Solid wood furniture can usually be seen on the surface of wood real textures, simple and calm, occasionally surface also reflects the tree fresh and natural materials, both natural and pollution-free, solid wood furniture is a healthy fashion choices, in line with the noble nature of the modern city heart needs. Solid wood furniture in the choice of materials to the solid wood furniture, for example, the main; zelkova, teak, maple, oak, Toon, ash, Elm, poplar, pine, beech, teak, Toon is the most valuable.