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Solid wood furniture

Solid wood furniture is the main material for solid wood furniture.

Solid wood furniture industry in China developed well, Chi Institute Center for data display, with solid wood furniture industry market in China continued to expand, China solid wood furniture industry will usher in a new development opportunity.

1. pine: pine furniture has two kinds of timber, one of Pinus massoniana, Pinus sylvestris is a. Masson's uneven straight or inclined, to coarse in structure. Disadvantage is that Alice crack when dry is very serious. Not resistant to rot. Paint, adhesive performance. Strong nail holding power of relatively less as wood plates used in furniture, fir plywood prices are generally the same size Board or large plate about 3 times. Scotch pine is widely used for the mid-range of solid wood furniture with wood, many wood furniture using pine. Pine material is strong, textured clear wood better than FIR, Scotch pine wood will be more beautiful, scarring is relatively small.

2. oak wood (white oak, and Red Oak): oak wood is commonly known as, real oak wood of scientific name called Oak wood, belongs to shell bucket section, and Ma oak is, red oak called kenaf oak, white oak called white Ma oak, actually red oak is not real of red, but wood yellow partial pink some, white oak also not white of, but shallow yellow, this on caused has red oak white oak color difference is not very big, oak wood features is heavy hard, and texture straight, structure rough, color elegant texture beautiful, mechanical strength quite high, resistance wear, but wood not easily dry saw solutions and cutting While large area deformation of large oak pattern has vertical lines and horizontal differences, ruled good, prices are also slightly more expensive. Oak point to note is that many Southeast Asian rubber wood with fake oak, in the note to buy wood, furniture. Rubber wood, method is rubber wood smell, and worms and corrosion...