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Furniture trend

Sep 24, 2016

European and American furniture

Europe furniture main is refers to United States, and United Kingdom, and France, and Italy, style of furniture, to gorgeous of color, and fine of styling, and Grand of momentum, unique of elegant of sense, can incisively to reflected out master of wealth and achievements, and making Shang of fine carved fine cut, more let people everywhere feel to products of process and quality extraordinary, this style of furniture to Fu spill home for representative, in domestic occupy with most market.

Trend II

The main color of white, green, blue, colors

As a timeless fashion, white still continues to sweep in 2012. White furniture in a modern and European were in full use. Pure white often give the feeling of alienation and calm and furniture designs tend to milk white and ivory white.

Idyllic green won't make people depressed and then match the natural color of chairs, decorative and elegant Plaid bed lamp, make people feel very comfortable, in 2012 in the mix is also popular. Another is colors, are made of leather and the color of the wood itself, without later paint, veneer and other processing, natural textures and bump feel, dark leather and smooth touch, had always been more popular.

The mainstream trend

Retro and modern minimalist furniture

Chinese are more popular in recent years, it also raises the topic of Chinese classical furniture, has long been popular. Mahogany antique furniture from the price to the average price of new material, Chinese classical furniture was finally able to enter the homes of ordinary people, with modern furniture furniture design made of different material with retro style, and a mix of modern style.

Modern minimalist furniture in a small apartment in the popular, mainstream modern furniture of minimalist fashion, delicate shape, simple and neat lines, lively, bright colors and ergonomic structure, in particular affordable, in the furniture market of such products still will have great appeal to working class.