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European furniture

Sep 24, 2016

European furniture is an important element of European style decoration, Italy, and France and the United Kingdom and Spain furniture as the main representative of the style. Exquisite handmade fine cutting engraving. Which, British type furniture to manual carved Kyo, for history changes most has lost, Italy is world range within furniture of originator, to Mosaic fine Kyo, more for manual workshop of form business, profile and transition part by symmetric and rich rhythm of curve or surface constitute, and decorative gilded copper ornaments, and imitation skin,, structure concise, line smooth, color rich, art sense strong, to people of overall feel is luxury elegant, is solemn.

European-style d├ęcor choice becomes more and more the pursuit of taste of life, if not the whole decoration European style, some families also like to buy two with exotic furniture in the home. However, due to the significant characteristics of European furniture shapes, large space, small enough to wallpaper, chandelier, decorating

Post-modern European furniture

Post-modern European furniture (15)

Draw both have higher requirements, have not been able to practice the owners into "soil, both foreign and not foreign" embarrassing situation. European furniture generally refers to classical European furniture or neo-classical European furniture. Classical European furniture used to European aristocrats were dedicated, high-end style, noble and elegant, into the great European classical culture, has become a classic.