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European antique furniture maintenance

Furniture maintenance is important, placed in long-term exposure to sunlight should be avoided, usually not to extreme cold or heat, sharp or rough objects placed directly on the surface of the furniture at the bottom, do not use an organic solvent is placed directly on the desktop. In the normal case, only quarterly wax can make furniture look shiny and the surface does not absorb dust, easier to clean. Furniture surfaces are dirty, should use a Feather Duster is handled on the surface a soft clean, then gently wipe with a soft cloth, dip a small amount of water or detergent to clean up. Plates can be periodically "furniture care solution" for processing, and to keep the Cabinet clean. Decorative hardware (including gold) just need to care gently with a dry cloth, do not use chemical cleaners, do not use acidic cleaning liquid, if gold-plated surface appear more difficult to remove black spots available kerosene to clean and wash.

First of all, if the furniture surface dirt, clean the furniture should stop with just a feather duster or soft clean surface dust disposal, quietly wiping with a soft cloth, dip a small amount of water or the amount of detergent to discontinue. On the plate, and periodic "furniture care solution" cessation of disposal, and to adhere to Cabinet Interior clean.

Buy time to pay attention to elegant styles, some bad classical European style furniture, moulding style is rigid, especially some of the typical classical decorative details such as arcs, or whirlpool and other, are poor.

Second, pay attention to the material, the European classical style furniture is ambitious must be made good. Note that edge the pros and cons of attention did edge is not flat, tilt phenomenon. When selected, we can see furniture doors, drawer sewing gap, gap, description of rough work, long time also tends to change; we can see furniture from the hinge slots and holes in wood.