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Classical European furniture

Sep 24, 2016

Home School of classical European style as an important continuation of the 17th century to 19th century Royal furniture features for each detail, luxurious and elegant in a solemn style, but after the modern design techniques, you are closer to practicality, revealing the history and rich cultural heritage of the European tradition.

Continental furniture style can be said to be a furniture style is in fashion now. European furniture, because Europe's nostalgia and romance of ancient Rome, Roman-style furniture occupies an important position in the European furniture.

European furniture-Jin Kaisha

European furniture-Jin Kaisha

Romanesque style of furniture actually comes from the Romanesque architecture, the main symbol of which is Roman architecture a series of arcades were used as furniture building and decoration, furniture and bulky, stiff, and machined surface is more used to build, some people think that this is the basis of later Windsor chairs. On the panels with shallow reliefs and sculptures, decorative motifs with geometric patterns, knitting patterns, grass, cross, Christ, Angels and Lions.

Cabinets are an important part of the furniture at that time one of a kind, small spires at the top, corner reinforced with metal or Tin, and plays a decorative role, this future furniture opens up new methods, especially bronze technology have forged and surface. Some metal parts in the modern furniture also has functional and decorative double action.

However, this style in the middle of the 12th century and gradually replaced by Gothic style.