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Characteristics of classical European furniture

Sep 24, 2016

Continental furniture showed the following characteristics:

Carved complex

"Baroque furniture" are complex and beautifully carved; "Rococo furniture," while also focused on carving, but softer lines and the "neo-classical furniture" line is more lively, mainly to render textures with intarsia.

Preference for bright colors

Especially the "baroque furniture" colors are very strong, and with Golden as its main color, decorated with gold-plated or gold, is splendid; "Rococo furniture" softer colors, beige, white, is that the pattern of its primary color "new classicality" color more warm, natural color, and so on.

Exquisite decoration

If you are the "classical" or "neo-classical furniture", you can often see a variety of embroidered fabrics, fringes and rivets and other decorations.

Continental furniture carved wood sculpture, as safe furniture European furniture, Yong-wook-style furniture is solid wood, hand-carved, is best in the European furniture; others use of artificial resin molds, appear to have solid wood texture, and the carving is real enough. In the gold section, good furniture product 24K gold, look substantial, and some of the furniture is golden oil, bed not very real. In addition, fabric products such as bags are also subject, good products use down, and low-grade products using a sponge.

Hand-carved than machine engraving products and vivid, more Reiki, it has a very high value. Many craft was passed down for hundreds of years, has unique skills and a strong culture. These days, teachers hand-carved quantity is extremely limited, furniture value their natural rises. Top European furniture brand-safe furniture use round carving, Openwork, relief and many other carving techniques at the end of nature, pure hand-made, vibrant works, Thai products and machines are two different things, with very high investment value to the collection.